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The Story of Bogie

Bogie – Journey of our lives


After a rib tickling and spine chilling super hit performance of “13 Margosa Mahal” director by P. D. Satish Chandra and his team are back again with a new play which truly plays with the audiences' minds.

This is the 8th production of Prakasam and as envisioned by us, we as a team have come up with a fresh concept to entertain the audience. Even though the crux of all the previous productions have been entertainment we have always believed in bringing in a fresh perspective and a new concept at every stage. Its no different with Bogie – as the director and his team intend to tickle the brain cells of the conversant theatre audiences.  This play took birth in an improper abode where the so called prim and proper friends met after a long time. The meeting was a sheer coincidence, but the conversations and fun that followed reminded them of olden days where they knew in and out of each other. For some it was fun, for some it was reunion, and for some it was plain nostalgic. Now the problem when you have a director in you is that you actually go through most of it if not all and that’s exactly what happened to Sathish. A concept which was in the womb of his mind finally grew to become what we are presenting to all of you now – Bogie.

The play is about 7 friends who decide to go out on a trip and are supposed to meet in the railway station in their bogie. Each of the characters enters the stage unveiling their personalities which are very similar to what we see in our society. They talk about what they have enjoyed the most and how they have missed the same in their constant desire for materialistic comforts and a false feeling of status.

The characters are also supported by guest characters – 6 characters which are very close to each one of us who depict, control and influence various aspects of everyone’s life. They have a strong and meaningful message to the audience which they deliver through their talks with the main characters.

~ Why the story involves 7 friends and do all of them come on stage?
~ Why only 6 supporting characters and not 7?
~ Do we have any female characters in the story?
~ Well the answers are for you to find out on stage…. Very soon.
~ There are specific reasons behind choosing each of the characters which will be depicted throughout the play. So wait for a little while more and you will be scratching your head finding answers to a question –
~ “Are we leading a life or living it?????”
~ “Bogie – Journey of our lives” intends to help you find clarity……

Director & Concept: P D Sathish Chandra
Script: Chandan Shankar

Directors Note

This play was formulated over a friendly discussion when one of my long lost childhood friend surfaced into the restaurant and we had a lively chat about how we were and how we are. This left a bug in my brain which enthused me to think over the basic concept of the story. We have made our lives into something which every one else wants us to be, it could be what your mom, dad, wife, girlfriend, boss, peers etc. want, but when was the last time you stopped, looked back and thought about the fact that is this the way you wanted your life to be? Bogie is going to ask you the same question through six complicated main characters and six contradicting supporting characters. If this play even puts a thought in your mind about living life and motivates you to stop leading life, then the objective of Bogie is met and we pass with flying colors.

What I have noted largely in the past five years is that there is a fixed set of audiences for both Kannada & English theatre productions. Wherever there is a production we have the same set of audiences watching the play at different venues and more than 70% of the audience is repeated. This is not an encouraging development for healthy theatre, as we are not adding new audiences. This also stands out as the main difference between theatre in Bangalore and in other theatre-rich cities. As an old school theatre enthusiast, just mentioning or discussing this point was not enough for me. I felt a need and desire to do something about bringing back the masses into theatre. I was once advised by an avid theater lover who quoted "other large theatre groups are staging the same old Shakespeare, Karnad, Karanth and the likes. Why cant anyone or even you for that matter bring in a change??"  My discussions with various theatre groups and eminent personalities led me to figure out a way for myself, so started Prakasam & my productions to be staged at KH Kala Soudha & around the state.

P D Sathish Chandra

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