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About The Play

Doosra’s protagonist is the Game of Cricket itself. The story of Cricket is depicted through the life of a 20 year old sportsman who gets selected to represent the country. The young cricketer’s paradigm driven by the forces of power, politics, money and pressure is essayed in the 100 minute play which , through its various characters, illustrates the metamorphosis of the game which over the years has grown from a sport to a mere commercial venture.

A father who still believes in the values of the game, an obsessed fan with a love and hate attitude, a Captain who is victimized, a bookie who represents the darker side of the game, a Politician who patronizes the game for money, a cricketer friend who always sees the funnier side of the game are few other characters through whom Doosra depicts the changing face of Cricket.

Doosra, with a very good balance of heart warming scenes , humour and powerful dialogues and unique technological adaptation will captivate the audience. Those who understand the intricacies of game of cricket will appreciate it even better.  The first three shows of the English version were held in Bangalore on April 23 & 24, 2011 at Kala Soudha. Two more shows are to be held on 21st May 2011 at 3.30 pm and 7 pm at Alliance Francaise, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore.

Cast & Crew  

Writer & Director: Anand Raghav

He has made significant contributions in Short stories, Stage plays and research articles on History and Culture. A regular writer for all leading magazines in Chennai, Anand raghav has published over 50 short stories so far. He has won the” story of the month” prize by a prestigious literary association three times and he has won 10 prizes in various short story competitions in Chennai. Two of his stories have also been translated in Telugu.

He has published two books – The first , a collection of his short stories and the second, titled “ Ramakien” is a comparative study of Indian Ramayanas with the Thai and other South East Asian Ramayanas. He is currently working on the third book, a research work, on the Hindu and Indian influence on the History and Culture of South East Asian countries. Anand Raghav also writes book reviews for a leading library chain in Bangalore.

He has written several short plays and three full length plays. His earlier plays “ Sruti Bedham ‘ a musical drama is the most successful play written by him. Sruti Bedham, with its share of a few melodious classical numbers, narrates the tumultuous relationship between an illustrious musician and his illegitimate daughter who takes to music driven by her hatred towards the father only to find herself overwhelmed by the divinity of his musical prowess. His second play was “ Thanimai (Solitude)” The plight of elderly parents who are left behind by their children seeking greener pastures abroad, forms the Premise of Thanimai.

Doosra” is his third play.

Executive Producer: P D Sathish Chandra

This is Sathish's sixth production under the Pra.Ka.Sam banner. He has been working with different theatre groups from India at different times. After his hibernation or disappearance for three years, the Ranga Shankara festival in 2004 put him back in line with active theatre. He currently runs Kala Soudha as its Director and aims to run the place to encourage new talent and to bring out performances that are fresh and unique. He is now acting as Paddu in Panduranga Vittala, a Kannada sitcom, on Zee Kannada. He is still known for his theatre columns in newspapers and with special reference to the Sunday reviews in the Times of India. For his personal profile CLICK HERE & Artist Profile CLICK HERE


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