Katha Sangama
"Bouquet of Stories"

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14 Feb 2014 @ 7.30 PM in Kala Soudha

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Anjappana Koli Kathe
Kambara Virabhadrachari
Vaniya Samasye
Dhanvantari Chikitse
Innondu Mukha



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Katha Sangama

There has been a trend of short plays in the modern time of timelessness. We are so used to instant food, job, friendship, money we are also bombarded with requests for short plays. We now have successfully prepared the Bouquet of Stories exclusively for you. Marking the 100th birth anniversary of Kodagina Gowramma, the gallant feminist writer at her times (1912-1939) we are staging her short story too as part of this festival.  The play is in Kannada and the exquisite selection of the stories will make you want more. With eight Jnanapeth Awards and stalwarts to choose from we had to read more than 120 short stories written between early 1930s to 2011 to arrive at this unique bouquet. We sincerely hope that you will have a blast watching this as we have creating this performance piece for you. We enclose a small brief below of the stories to give you a better idea of the performances.

We have interwoven six stories, running around the universally famous emotion of love. But here we have designed a bouquet of stories around different gradients of love to please, to formulate, to differentiate, to appreciate, to perform and to empower.

We are also proud have Sihi Kahi Geeta, as the Soothradhar of the play.  Geeta is a well known family name in Karnataka with innumerable films, TV shows and voiceover's to many of the known faces in sandalwood.  She is a welcome addition to the role of the anchor who sets off every story on stage and concludes the same.  With her flamboyant voice and vibrant personality she will light up the stage and set the mood for the six short plays.

All the six plays will be produced by Pra.Ka.Sam & the Chief Direction and Conceptualisation will be by P D Sathish Chandra.  The stage adaptations of the stories are done by Chandan Shankar.

Show On 14 & 15 Feb 2013 @ 7.30 PM in Kala Soudha
CALL 7259998222/333 for tickets

Anjappana Koli Kathe Maasthi Venkatesha Iyengar

Story of Anjappas chicken Love to Perform
Director: Chandan Shankar
Santosh Karki, Gagan Godgal, Santosh BS, Nirmitha, Divya, Praveen, PD, Kavitha AC

About the Story: Maasthi Venkatesh Iyengar the laureate of Kannada literature has penned this short story. Anjappa - a jogayya who goes around villages seeking alms has been alive for times immemorial comes to wish his village elders who has been elevated to the role of magistrate. His advice to the new magistrate is to support the truth and not to decide what the truth is based on what people say. He narrates a story of his experience to prove that truth is not seen but felt. The story shows how an innocent attraction becomes fatal and yet the belief in love doesnt die.

About the Author: Masthi venkatesha Iyengar was popularly referred to as Maasti Kannadada Aasti which means Maasti is Kannada's Treasure. He is most renowned for his short stories. He wrote under the pen name Srinivasa. He was honored with the title Rajasevasakta by then Maharaja of Mysore Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadeyar.  MORE INFO

Shukrachaarya Bagalodi Devaraaya

Shukracharya - Power of love
Director: Monish Nagaraj
Cast: Praveen, Meghashree Bhaghavatar, Sumana M, Monish, Santosh BS

About the Story: Ashwatthama a young boy falls in love with a beautiful girl only to be sent out of town because his life has threat from the girls family. He comes back from kashi as a learnt and mature man to start his own business of medicine. He rescues his love interest of his life from the clutches being branded a widow in pre medieval India. He gives her new life and daughter whom he brings up like a son. But this empowerment is questioned by her wife when the daughter wants to marry the tribesmans son nanda with concurrent explanations of ashwatthama, will the story have a happy ending?

About the Author: He was known for more of his services rendered to the nation under the Indian Foregin Service in various countries in Asia, Africa & Europe. He was well appreciated by Masti who invited him to write for his magazine Jeevana and slowly the power of his stories attracted the Kannada audiences. This particular work was written with huge influence of atheism and western culture. His adaptations of both are clearly seen in this story but its still a masterpiece since the forward thinking community still professes the same. MORE INFO

Kammaara Veerabhadrachari Joyisanaagiddu Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar

Veerabadrachari the Blacksmith as a Priest? - Love for Work is Love for Life
Director: Santosh BS
Cast: Gagan Godgal, Santosh Karki, Aditya Hegde, Divya K, Sumana M

About the Story: Veerabhadra a handsome blacksmith of the village is a hardworking guy who manages not just his own profession but is also the only person who can build and repair houses in the village. His work is keeping him happy till the time he is forced to tell soothsaying for one of the villagers who pay him as much money as he gets for building an entire house. He finds interest in this new job and decides to take on the job of priest for the village. The entire village goes through a horrendous time due to the lack of his skills. His own house is broken. Will he return to his old job or will he procrastinate in his luring job. Come and find out.

About the Author: Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar (19041991), popularly known as Goruru, was a Kannada writer; well known for his humor and satire. In 1971 he was a recipient of Honorary doctorate from the University of Mysore. MORE INFO

Vaniya Samasye Kodagina Gowramma

Vanis Question - Confusions of Love
Director: Krithi Bettadh
Cast: Monish Nagaraj, Rekha Belwadi, Sumana M

About the Story: True love is not just about the happiness that is shared but also about the responsibilities that are shared and cared for. The story narrates the confusions and constraints of love and how it can override human boundaries. Indira a loner from her birth because of the death of her dad and mom and her husband has resorted to a peaceful life vesting her interests in her house which is her only possession. Vani and her husband Ratna move into the neighboring house and starts the complicated love triangle. The unexpressed love between Dr Ratna and Indira, publicly expressed love between Indira and Vani and the inevitable love between vani and Dr ratna are showcased in various situations throughout the story. The climax suggests the title and is for everyone to figure out through our play.

About the Author: Kodagina Gowramma was a significant writer with a modern and progressive vision. The remarkable woman, who was all of 27, when she passed away, grappled with the issues of modernity that are relevant even today. She could empathise with the angst of the individual, while probing deeply into the socio-political aetiology of the same. Gowramma, has two collections of short stories to her credit, Kambani (Tears) and Chiguru (Blossoms), both of which were published posthumously.  MORE INFO

Dhanvantari Chikitse Kuvempu

Dhanvantaris cure - Countrys True Love
Director: P D Sathish Chandra
Cast: Gagan Godgal, Sanoth Karki, Hemanth, Divya K, Monish Nagaraj

About the Story: Vishwamitra the great sage who is elevated from Rajarshi to Devarshi is bothered by painful voice which is haunting him in every world he visits. Parashurama another immortal sage comes to meet him complaining of the same voice. Both of them are guided to earth by Naarada which is the source of the painful voice. They find a weak farmer burdened with an unexplainable noise in his chest. Finally the voice is cured by the advice given by the lord of medicine Dhanavantari. How the burden is sorted and how the noise is stopped is for us to understand and imply in our lives.

About the author: Kuppali Venkatappagowda Puttappa (December 29, 1904 November 11, 1994), widely known by the pen name Kuvempu or by the abbreviation K. V. Puttappa, was a Kannada writer and poet, widely regarded as the greatest poet of 20th century Kannada literature. e is immortalised by some of his phrases, and in particular for his contribution to Universal Humanism or in his own words Vishwa maanavataa Vaada. He was conferred Padma Bhushan by Government of India. He has penned the Karnataka State anthem Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate. MORE INFO

Innondu Mukha - Tha Ra Su

Dual Face - Fatal Love
Director: P D Sathish Chandra
Cast: Nirmitha, Chandan Shankar, Gagan Godgal, Adithya Hegde, Monish Nagraj

About the Story: Four friends are going out of station in a car around Chikmagluru and another car approaches them and overtakes them. They observe a pretty lady sitting in the car. It initiates a fatal chase and overtakes the car for the thrill of the journey and also a fatal attraction towards the lady in the car. The boys successfully irritate the lady in the car by not letting her overtake nor leaving them alone. They stop by for a break and see the car go past them. As they start again they run into a jam and what happens later defines the love we have for life and also for death.

About the Author: T. R. Subba Rao (19201984) or Taluku Ramaswami Subba Rao popularly known as TaRaSu was a novelist and a scholar in Kannada language. He is considered as a harbinger of the Navya movement of Kannada literature. He is well known for his novels like Durgashtamana, which won him the Sahitya Akademi award posthumously in 1985. MORE INFO



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