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Director’s Note, P D Satish Chandra: Sairandhri is the common woman whom we take for granted in our everyday life. She is our mother, teacher, college girl, daughter or the representation of girl power. The true gamut of female power is unleashed in our play. All my plays without our knowledge talk about women empowerment, Hosabelaku, Bogie, 13 Margosa Mahal, Katha Sangama, Ammora Ganda have taken a look at this subject in different perspectives. But this production is the toughest in terms of handling and presentation. This during our rehearsals changed our perspective of how we look at women and their perspective of our world. We are sure that this would change the perspective of some audiences in our shows.

Show Details:

Last Shows in KH Kala Soudha on Sunday, August 10 2014 @ 4 & 7.30 PM

Tickets: Main Hall Rs.100 & Balcony Rs. 50 |


  • Rajashri as Sairandhri & Malini
  • Prakruthi as Sairandhri & Malini
  • Santosh Karki as Bheema & Vallabh
  • Khuldeepak as Keechaka & KCK


  • Nagaraja - Production
  • Santosh - Production
  • Venkatesh Reddy - Lights
  • Kavitha - Properties
  • Smitha - Photography
  • Balakrishna Aravankur -Sets
  • Devki Mohan - Costumes
  • Ranjitha - Music
  • Baadal Nanjundaswamy - Poster Design
  • PR.for.ART and Kamal - Publicity
  • Nitish Shridhar Murthy - Press Publicity

Play Concept Note:

Sairandhri - Story of our lifestyle

Our lives are heavy with burdens or what we want to refer to as being busy every minute. It’s a common thing to hear people complain and brag about not having enough time or having 30 hours a day or 9 days a week etc. We have categorically forgotten the essence of life amidst this congested and complicated life is that our life is what we make it to be and not others. The play Sairandhri (name of Draupadi in Agjnyatavasa) deals with the same haunting subject of mislead lives and suffocating lifestyles.

Sairandhri is an unique attempt from team Prakasam and has three actors portraying 6 different characters. The play was a challenge ever since it was conceptualized and it was only after a great deal of brainstorming and hair loss that a final design was arrived at. Both the writer and director have had sleepless nights and countless fights to give the best opportunity to the actors. The Actors have a bigger challenge as they have to switch between mythological and modern characters in this no break, no blackout play.

We have three main characters Bheema, Keechaka & Sairandhri who portray their characters in seven scenes. In Ajnyatavasa episode of Mahabharata Bheema is also known as Vallabha the cook and is referred to as Jayantha and Draupadi is the palace maid Sarandhri referred to as Malini amidst pandavas. There is already character confusion in the mythological escapade. The play will look at these three characters in contemporary scenario where Keechaka is the boss, Bheema the HR and Draupadi the software engineer in a huge MNC. The characters speak in a relatable way keeping the objective and message of the play hidden but hard hitting through smartly crafted dialogues. The last scene is thought provoking through intriguing questions related to lifestyle, work culture, extra marital affairs, secret affairs, work life balance, relationships, money matters, ethics, loyalties, self control etc

The audience will face some tough facts and facets of their lives through intriguing questions related to lifestyle, work culture, extra marital affairs, secret affairs, work life balance, relationships, money matters, ethics, loyalties, self control etc.

Will have live music making it easy to travel and minimal costume and lighting requirement. This play has been designed and written to appease audiences of all ages and likes.

Sairandhri by Prakasam © 2013

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