World Theatre Day
@ Kala Soudha | Sunday, March 27, 2011

'For Japan with Love'

Pra.Ka.Sam Fourth Corner Kala Soudha Born Free School Antharanga

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011




Shiroi Hana Doc


Kala Soudha

I'm Homeless


Fourth Corner

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1030 Antharanga team presents Theatre tunes & scenes
1100 Antharanga and Rangasneha Balaga state the Theatre Day message.  The programme will be presided over by Dr. B V Rajaram, President of Karnataka Nataka Academy and Narendrababu, Secretary of Roopanthara.
1130 Antharanga presents play Dharmasthambha, a play in Kannada (Tickets priced at Rs. 70)
1600 Opening of John Devaraj's exhibition of photographs "I'm Homeless" and paintings on the same theme will be sold to aid Japanese tsunami victims. This would be inaugurated by 11 member Japanese's Group THE PEACE TEAM CHALLENGER
1800 Kannada songs of world classics by children of Born Free Art School
1810 "Shiroi Hana" a 26 minute peace ballet by John Devaraj & Children of Born Free Art School written and directed by John Devaraj, Choreographed by Mioi Nakayama, Reshma Ravikanth and Anand D , performed by the Bornfree Art School.
1840 Thanksgiving speech by John Devaraj
1900 Learn to do the "Tatte Dance"
1930 Hosabelaku, a play in Kannada

This play is from popular history of India. But the play aims at looking with a different perspective than that which has been narrated to us. The play stages the conflicts when politics, policies and monarchy rule over the population using religion, overtaking the humanitarian value. Man's different dictatory phases can be seen in this play. It is a new attempt with commemoration of interesting facts, fiction, thoughts and critical look at our history.

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~ First of its kind play in Kannada Theatre world, a play based on a super hit Dr. Rajkumar movie and novel by Ms. Vani
~ Completed six successful shows and has won hearts of the audiences
~ The idea of the play is to create new generation of audiences for Kannada theatre
~ We believe that Theatre is the oldest medium of “entertainment” & Hosabelaku aims to do just that
~ For all further information on the play kindly log on to

I'm Homeless Exhibition

I’m HOMELESS so said society that I have no papers to say that this small piece of land belongs to me. I belong to this Earth, the earth doesn’t belong to me!
My will is easy to decide; for I have nothing to divide
Sticks and stones may break my bones; Rolling stones gather no moss!
So said Joe Hill the great American song writer~ labour activist member of the Wobblies who was killed by the firing squad at the age of 36 for being a voice of Justice and Rights of people to live.
As I traversed the different parts of the earth I saw people just being on this earth in the street under the sky in their home…called homeless. Poverty, unemployment, rejected by an uncaring society they were rendered homeless.
I’m HOMELESS is my photographic exhibition of Homeless across
Japan, Cambodia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and India.
Art for Japan: My paintings as a response to the Japan Tsunami to raise hope, relief and reconstruction.
Opening; Sunday, 27th March 2011, at 4pm
on World Theater Day at my Gallery in Kala Soudha.


Shiroi Hana

Shiroi Hana.( White flowers) a 26 minute anti Nuclear, a peace ballet written and directed by John Devaraj, Choreographed by Mioi Nakayama, Reshma Ravikanth and Anand D , performed by the Bornfree Art School.will be performed for the World Theater day.  Please come to participate and contribute towards the Japan Tsunami relief.


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The paintings & photogaphs sold from the "Homeless" exhibition will be donated to the Japanese tsunami relief fund.


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Entry to all events FREE
Only ticketed show for the day is Dharmasthambha and is priced at Rs. 70





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