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13 Margosa Mahal, (a play in Kannada) is a haunting story which has been everyone’s favourite for reasons unknown. Our main objective for this play is that the audience laugh & get scared at the same time. That's why the tag line "Horror was never so funny". Being associated with theater we had this urge to create a thriller and bring out the chills and thrills through it. 13 is our attempt to create a play which will keep the audience interested throughout and take them on a mysterious journey.  With two up to the brim full houses we are all looking forward to our three Friday the 13th's shows in January, April and July of 2012.

The play revolves around three men from the IT industry who are picked to attend a conference in one of the famous hill stations of south India. The story begins to grip the audience when the three encounter spooky happenings around them and their so called paid vacation turns into a scary experience. The play has five supporting characters who play an equally important part in generating the comedy, suspense & trills.

  Cast & Crew

About The Director: P D Sathish Chandra

This is Sathish's seventh production under the Fourth Corner banner. He has been working with different theatre groups from India at different times. After his hibernation or disappearance for three years, the Ranga Shankara festival in 2004 put him back in line with active theatre. He currently runs Kala Soudha as its Director and aims to run the place to encourage new talent and to bring out performances that are fresh and unique. He is now acting as Paddu in Panduranga Vittala, a Kannada sitcom, on Zee Kannada. He is still known for his theatre columns in newspapers and with special reference to the Sunday reviews in the Times of India. For his personal profile CLICK HERE & Artist Profile CLICK HERE


Music Director: Raghu Dixit

Less said the better about one & only music composer/singer/performer & his magnificent contribution for our production. In his own words “When Sathish told me the idea of the play I was mostly thinking about how it would feel. It had been a while since I did any music for theatre. I know Sathish from theatre & this is my small little contribution to his theatrical efforts & great venture called Kala Soudha.”



Pallavi as Rose
She always wanted to be a part of a production which would be a challenge for the actress in her.  13 gives her a character, challenging her, as well as the whole crew with its intricate design.

Vasishta - Adarsh
He had flair enough to be the inspector & it is well complemented by style.  His exploration of theatre led him to our group and to this character.

Monish as Anand
Tall not so dark but handsome he was the eye candy for all the girls in the production.  He plays the meddled character who needs no proof to get scared or to scare.




Hemanth as Aakash
He was the most difficult to cast. PD found it difficult to cast him as anything since he suited all the characters.  He will be an asset to Pra.Ka.Sam in forthcoming productions.


Praveen as Bidappa
Find from Doosra our previous production he is also hero of an upcoming movie called Ratha.  He plays the tough cop of the play & suits the role with his chiseled body.

Rohit as Taxi Driver
He was smart enough to be any other character of the play. He is not trained to act anywhere but is a natural actor. He is the next priced possession for our group.



Chandan - Script/Sound
Speaks more than does but what to do PD has to live with it.

Ashwin - Production
Ashwin like many of our masters of production came in to act.  But has single handedly controlled production  with special crisis management skills. He still insists on getting us the best food at the best prices.

Santosh - Direction Dept.
He is a talented software engineer who can do what is expected out of him with engineering precession. He is the official promoter of the script and has stood by his job giving lines to all characters of the play when they messed it up and missed it completely.


Vinay - Design/Lights
He runs a company called Kale and has worked with PD in 93.5 FM days as producer.  He is taking care of design needs starting from stage to the posters.  We look up to him to light up 13.

Vasu - 5D
Vasu joined our group to act actually wanted to play roles never taken.  With superb organization and imagination skills he complements the demanding needs of the 5D team.

Bairaju - Makeup
He knows the art of making people look cute or cunning with his subtle strokes of makeup brush and powder pad. He was the reason why all on stage looked so dashing & scary.

Kumarswamy - Production
When he is not managing Kala Soudha he is busy managing the chaos the 13 team is creating around Kala Soudha.  The backbone of Kala Soudha is also helping us immensely with production of this play.


Smitha - Photography
Smitha takes affection to theatre because of the fact that she gets to experiment with her camera and lights.  She has been taking all photographs possible for this play.
Ravi - Publicity Design
He wanted to design our production.  But his skills of acting and spontaneity helped us to cast him too.
Manjunath S - 5D
Soft spoken and gentle he comes with high sprits & a huge friend circle.  With local contacts he would help the production also with publicity.

Chandru - Production
He was part of every step back stage possible from typing the script, passing comments, taking prints & copies for the whole team.  His fingers still type when he sleeps.


Krishna - 5D
He was a good find through auditions.  An engineering professional will assist the 5D team immensely.
Govind - Production
Another engineer of the group he will be helping production this time on to see on stage action from the backstage.

Ajay - 5D
Ajay/“Ra-One”.A budding economist. He came at the end part of the play but then is responsible for the 5D.

Jeevan - Production
Jeevan – An Audio Engineer by qualification. Trying to find his passion in Theatre.











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