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About The Play

The play is about 7 friends who decide to go out on a trip and are supposed to meet in the railway station in their bogie. Each of the characters enters the stage unveiling their personalities which are very similar to what we see in our society. They talk about what they have enjoyed the most and how they have missed the same in their constant desire for materialistic comforts and a false feeling of status.

This play took birth in an improper abode where the so called prim and proper friends met after a long time. The meeting was a sheer coincidence, but the conversations and fun that followed reminded them of olden days where they knew in and out of each other. For some it was fun, for some it was reunion, and for some it was plain nostalgic. Now the problem when you have a director in you is that you actually go through most of it if not all and that’s exactly what happened to Sathish. A concept which was in the womb of his mind finally grew to become what we are presenting to all of you now – Bogie. 

  Cast & Crew  

About The Director: P D Sathish Chandra
Captain of the ship. Very difficult to understand him in short span of time. As a director he know how to bring out the work done by his cast n crew. Gives lots of freedom for the actors to show there acting skills. The team members are very lucky and happy to work with him and in return keeps all the members smiling all the time throughtout the rehearsals.

This is Sathish's seventh production under the Fourth Corner banner. He has been working with different theatre groups from India at different times. He currently runs Kala Soudha as its Director and aims to run the place to encourage new talent and to bring out performances that are fresh and unique. He is now acting as Paddu in Panduranga Vittala, a Kannada sitcom, on Zee Kannada. He is still known for his theatre columns in newspapers and with special reference to the Sunday reviews in the Times of India. For his personal profile CLICK HERE & Artist Profile CLICK HERE

Special Guest Cast: Sihi Kahi Chandru

His name strikes a smile in every ones face.  The undisputed king of Kannada TV Comedy shows he runs Final Cut Studios to encourage nourish and churn out soaps, cookery shows & sitcoms, entertaining Kannadigas world over from past 22 years.  Sihi Kahi Chandru has been on the minds of the crew from the day we started planning for Bogie.  He has supported all the ventures of Pra.Ka.Sam & has been on the board of advisors for Kala Soudha.  He readily agreed to act in Bogie since it had six characters and shades and the intrigued relation to the guest character in every scene to the main actors on stage enthused him to sign on.  With him on board the other cast members will have issues in coping up with his expertise and vigor.



Meghashree as Guna
Professional artist with a good number of experience in acting. Gives good number of tips to her co-actors with respect to how the performance of the character can be improvised.

Monish as Somshekar
Taller, Stronger & Smarter of our team. Wonderful co-actor to work with. All others are really scared to go near him just to escape from his strong hitting reactions on stage during rehearsals.

Praveen as Ravi
Black Cheetah of our team, very silent off-stage but when it goes to on-stage, he takes up the dialogs as strong as his muscular body.



Kushal as Lux
Nice person with lots of hidden talent in him. Theater lovers going to watch out for his comedian who is very good at his facial expressions and body language.

PD as Nihanth
Decent, silent and hard working. Very much dependent on working of dialogue modulation etc.


Gagan as Goutham
He is the kid of the show and does method acting just like his icon Aamir Khan. (ALL THE TEXT HERE FOR CAST & CREW WRITTEN BY HIM)

Hitha as Mangala
Have got a wonderful opportunity to showcase her talent in acting from this play ‘Bogie’. Its really a very good start to her with Prakasam.



Chandan - Script/Sound
The one who speaks the most in the team and keeps everyone happy during the rehearsals. Never gets bored to explain anything to the one who comes with a doubt to him. His writing talent is amazing.

Ashwin - Production
Friendly person who is well known for his scary laugh. Gives some innovative ideas to the director and actors with respect to the project. He is well versed in back stage work which is the back bone of any plays for that matter.

Santosh - Prodn. Manager
Helps the actors on stage during rehearsals and all are really thankful for his helping hands and great support. His unsatisfied hunger for theatre has kept all of our sprits alive.


Bairaju - Makeup
He knows the art of making people look cute or cunning with his subtle strokes of makeup brush and powder pad.

Vasu - Design
Hard working bee of our team. Takes care all the responsibility needed for the project assigned by the director and fulfill the needs asap. None of the actors can miss out a single phrase of dialog or blocking when they are front of him.

Jeevan - Lights
A sound engineer by profession also very much interested in theater. Takes care music responsibility in this project.

Chandru - Production
When he is not managing Kala Soudha he is busy managing the chaos the Bogie team is creating around Kala Soudha.






Smitha - Photography
Cool girl  with good photography skills and mostly she will in talk among us regarding how he captures stills.



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